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Yacht Project X concept is owned by Hellenic Fantasea Sailing – a yacht chartering company registered in Athens, Greece.

Our idea was born back in 2018 when we decided to create a concept which would help young travelers to live a unique sailing experience in Greece. Combining the terms sailing holidays and partying, we designed packages that are adapted to different styles of entertainment.

– Cosmopolitan style: For those who prefer the crazy parties in night clubs and spending time to more crowded places.

– Relaxing style: For those who prefer to relax in a beautiful physical environment, spending less hours in sailing and party away from the crowds.

– Adventurous style: For sailing lovers who prefer to spend more time by the sea, chasing destinations under more demanding conditions.

Building Memories

We dispose cooperation with yacht owners in every corner of Greece and we are happy to offer you access to all sailing destinations of the country and customized packages/itineraries that meet your travel requirements.


Geographical areas



"The way we choose to see the world, creates the world we see"

Amazing sailing destinations in greece

Choose your crew, pick your paradise, choose one of our pricing packages and live a unique summer experience with your friends